Bruxelles-a travel of business and pleasure

(EN) Hi everyone! I was in Bruxelles for the contest of “Raymond Leblanc”: I have partecipated with Jacques Viel (script) and Florent Daniel (color) with the project “Oscar, une histoire vraie”. Unfortunately we haven’t gained the podium but we arrived in the first ten projects and among 86 other project, we can say that we could be happy of that result! However this was my first time in Bruxelles and I’m fall in love with that city! I haven’t had much time to do sketches but here you are some carnets and some croquis of Batou, the cat of Dominique et Hugo, our friends that hosts us during this days (and they’re awesome artist!).

(FR) Salut à tous le monde! Je suis allée en Brussels pour le concours “Raymond Leblanc”: J’ai participé avec Jacques Viel (scénario) et Florent Daniel (couleur) avec le projet “Oscar, une histoire vraie”. Malheureusement nous n’avons pas atteint le podium mais nous sommes dans les premier dis projets et entre 86 autre projets, nous pouvons dire que nous pouvons être heureux de ce résultat! De tout façon c’est ma premier fois à Brussels et je suis tombé amoureuse avec cette ville! Je n’ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour dessiner mais voilà quelques carnets et quelques croquis sur Batou, le chat de Dominique et Hugo, nos amis qu’ils nous ont reçus pendant ces jours (et ils sont géniaux artistes!).

square du petit sablon cyan pencil and watercolor on sketchbook
Parc du Foret flat pen and watercolors on sketchbook
Batou flat pen on sketcbook
flat pen on sketchbook (and an hop taken from the festival of the beer in Bruxelles)

Open House Roma

(EN) The 7th and 8th May in Rome there were the OpenHouse Day: two days of great opportunities to visit some special buildings that usually are closed to the visitors! Among the many events, I’ve joined to “Sketchin’ like an architect”, a sketch session on Riva Ostiense to draw the industrial architecture of Rome with the guide of Benedetta Dossi, a great carnets artist (and friend!). Thank’s to Materia28 that set up the whole thing! Here one of the sketches of that day!

(FR) Le 7 et 8 Mai à Rome il y a le OpenHouse Day : duex jours des grandes possibilités de visiter quelques bâtiments qu’ils ne sont pas ouverts au public normalement! Entre les nombreaux évenèments, J’ai partecipé à “Sketchin’ like an architect”, une sketch réunion dans la Riva Ostiense pour dessiner les strucutres industrielles de Rome avec la conduite de Benedetta Dossi, une grande carnets artiste (et ami!). Merci à Materia28 pour avoir organisé le tout! Voilà un entre les sketches du jour!


Rive de Gier (Lyon)

This November, I’ve gone with Tommaso Bennato at the festival BD’Art in Rive de Gier, a little country near Lyon.

The festival was fantastic with the pro that I’ve met and the people that I’ve knew! Hope to come back sooner as I can!!

Sketch on toned tan paper flat pen and watercolor

Passing Through…Central Park

From 7th October to 17th October , I was in New York City for the NewYorkComiCon.

You could think that I’ve fill in my sketchbook of carnets…but there wasn’t no time to draw at the Big Apple!!!

In compensation I’ve seen almost all the South of Manhattan, included the amazing Central Park! Here you are a little piece of that place…and a little souvenir!

Sketch on paper
Watercolor Winsor&Newton

La Mortella Garden Ischia

Hi Everyone! During this hot days I’ve travelled for few days in some different and beautiful places of Italy so I’ve started to draw some Carnets .

The firsts Carnets are from Ischia , the island where I come from.

These are some pieces of La Mortella Garden that houses thousand of different species of plants, flowers and trees come from all over the world!

Hope you enjoy!

Sketch on paper
Watercolor Winsor&Newton
Sketch on paper
Watercolor Winsor&Newton
Sketch on paper
Watercolor Winsor&Newton and Zebrabrush
Sketch on paper
Watercolor Winsor&Newton and Brushpen